Practice Times

Sunday April 7th-11:45AM-1:00 PM @ RBC-2

Tuesday April 9th-6:30-7:45 PM @ RBC-2

Tuesday April 16th-6:30-7:45 PM @ RBC-2

Tuesday April 23rd-6:15-7:30 PM @ RBC-1

Tuesday April 30th-6:15-7:30 PM @ RBC-1

Tuesday May 7th-6:30-7:45 PM @ RBC-1

Tuesday May 14th-6:30-7:45 PM @ RBC-1

Tuesday May 21th-6:30-7:45 PM @ RBC-1

Tuesday May 28th-6:30-7:45 PM @ RBC-1

Wednesday June 5th-6:30-7:45 PM @ RBC-2

Week of June 10-16 trying to get ice Time

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